tried-and-true local guide     

The Northrup Station staff has chimed in on their favorite things to do in Portland, most within less than a mile from the hotel. So put on your walking shoes or hop aboard the Portland Streetcar and explore...and taste...your way through the city! Imagine a champagne brunch and then a stroll through the Japanese Garden! Or a delicous craft beer after a hike in Forest Park! Sounds good, huh?  

brew pubs

Aaaah Portland, land of the bridges, roses and craft breweries. As life moves on, it’s easy to forget to stop and sniff the IPA’s every once in a while...learn more!

oregon wines

Put that phone on airplane mode and get ready to taste what the rolling hills of Oregon have to offer...learn more!

coffee shops

Here at the Inn at Northrup Station, we want you to sit back, relax and sip your latte like you mean it...learn more!

spirits of the nw

Looking to quench your thirst? The Northrup Neighborhood has you covered! From artisanal gins to all American malt whiskey, take a sip and enjoy these unique and flavorful distilleries...learn more!

brunch spots

Drown your own weight in mimosas, fried delicious foods and syrup drenched pancakes at these nearby brunch spots...learn more!

veggie options

Being a veggie-based consumer no longer means being condemned to a lifetime of plain salads and boring celery...learn more!

kid-friendly dining

Be the coolest parent on the block and take your kids to these child-friendly eateries...learn more!

parks and outdoor attractions

Check out these unique parks and hiking spots for your fresh air craving...learn more!

international foods

Prepare your taste buds for this international trip to flavor town...learn more!

sweet treats

We’re all adults here, it’s time to take a stand for what we believe in...dessert for dinner...learn more!

food cart pods

One of the top destinations for cuisine, you can’t go wrong with Portland’s food cart scene...learn more!

relax and recharge

Oooh la la… pop the champagne and plop into bed, this is going to be one relaxing trip to Portland! learn more!

rainy day activities

Rain, Rain go away...or stay another day! With this list of rainy day excursions, you might be wishing for the sun to stay away. learn more!

come sleep with us!  
We’d love to be your home base while you check out all the awesomeness our city has to offer. Enjoy a spacious suite, on-site parking, continental breakfast and complimentary Portland Streetcar tickets with every stay! No matter the reason, we promise to make your stay here a relaxing one!
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