nearby Veggie Options

Being a veggie-based consumer no longer means being condemned to a lifetime of plain salads and boring celery. Check out these Portland plant-based cafes and enjoy their innovative dishes, perfect to fuel up before a long day of touring Portland! 

BLOSSOMING LOTUS | SLABTOWN 2122 NW Quimby st – distance from hotel: 0.2 mile

Just a short walk from the hotel, enjoy a nourishing lunch at this all plant-based cafe. For over 20 years, the Blossoming Lotus has had one goal, to bring “life- affirming” food to Portland. Leaving every diner with a new inspiration for healthy greens and a healthy mindset.

LAUGHING PLANET CAFé 909 NW 21st Ave - distance from hotel :0.2 mile

A no fuss option located just a few blocks from the hotel, Laughing Planet is a personal staff favorite for a reason. Easy online ordering, quickly made and delicious this café is a great option for lunch or dinner. We highly recommend trying their delicious bowls, salads or burritos!

HARLOW NW 505 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.6 mile

Vegan brunchers rejoice! Check out Harlow NW, located on the bustling 23rd Avenue and open every day at 9 AM. This prime cafe is the perfect spot for an all-vegan breakfast and some fabulous people watching before a day of local boutique shopping.

SMITH TEA CAFÉ 500 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.6 mile

A one-of-a-kind experience, the Smith Tea Cafe is known for their tea infused, all plant-based menu. From meadow infused butter slathered on a crunchy baguette to tea plumped raisin filled oatmeal bowls, this cafe serves your English cottage dreams.

THE WHOLE BOWL 1515 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.4 mile

A quick and healthy lunch all conveniently packed in one bowl, what more can you ask for? Whole Bowl offers a delicious lunch with brown rice smothered in black beans, cheese, sour cream and freshly chopped cilantro. Vegan? No problem! Ask you these friendly “bowlistas” to vegan-fy your meal.

TOP BURMESE 413 NW 21st Ave – distance from hotel: 0.4 mile

A vegan friendly international cuisine, Top Burmese is your go to for a Myanmar meal experience. Crunchy tea leaf salads and golden, chickpea stuffed samosas, you can’t go wrong with this local delight. Sitting inside? After you order, say hello to the cheerful robot delivering your food!

MOBERI 1755 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.5 mile

Moberi is a top spot for your smoothie and Acai bowl cravings. Great for breakfast or lunch, Moberi prides themselves on energy boosting bowls. We highly recommend this eatery before a long day of touring around Portland!

get your veggie on!
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