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Love the city but need a break? Here at the Inn at Northrup Station we have something for everybody! Check out these unique parks and hiking spots for your fresh air craving, all easily reachable by public transportation of course! Don’t forget to stretch.

FOREST PARK 2960 NW Upshur St – distance from hotel: 1.2 miles

Escape the hustle and bustle of Portland’s streets with a leisurely walk in the forest park. With the Macleay entrance only a short walk from the hotel, this hiking euphoria is the key to your fresh air escape. Experience the Oregon woods and city life all in one trip.

JAMISON SQUARE FOUNTAIN 810 NW 11th Ave – distance from hotel: 0.7 mile

Have a summer splash at Jamison square fountain! Get outdoors and enjoy that sweet, sweet fresh air at this family favorite park. Less than a mile away from our hotel, pack a picnic and enjoy.

WALLACE PARK NW 25th Avenue & Raleigh Street – distance from hotel: 0.6 mile

Family fun can always be found at the local Wallace Park, featuring two playgrounds and a lot of room for picnics galore! This park is also a notorious spot for our bird loving guests, with swift watching during the summer months. A destination great for both parent and child, win, win!

WASHINGTON PARK SW Park Place & Lewis and Clark Circle – distance from hotel: 1.0 mile

Washington Park, a vast and well-loved local spot has so many things to do, it could definitely be a day trip! From the Japanese Gardens, Oregon Zoo and soooo much more, make sure to pack a lunch and throw on your most comfortable walking shoes!

LAN SU CHINESE GARDEN 239 NW Everett St - distance from hotel: 1.4 miles

Nestled on the edge of Portland's Chinatown, the Lan Su Chinese Garden is much more than just a garden! Walking through the front gate strikes a surreal juxtaposition with the surrounding urban core of Portland - visitors will suddenly find themselves taking in a beautifully-arranged homage to Chinese culture, art, architecture, and green spaces that host authentic Chinese orchids and bamboo. Enjoy tea and light refreshments in the breathtaking architecture of the Tower of Cosmic Reflection, or take a walk around the lake at the center of the garden and enjoy the vibrant plant life and koi fish!

PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL ROSE TEST GARDEN 400 SW Kingston Avenue – distance from hotel: 1.6 miles

Stop and smell the 10,000 roses at the Portland International Rose Garden! Typically in bloom from May to October, this would make a great Summer stop to get your floral fill. Roam this green garden and enjoy the spectacular view of Portland too!

JAPANESE GARDEN 611 SW Kingston Avenue – distance from hotel: 1.9 miles

Deemed the most authentic experience outside of Japan itself, Portland’s Japanese garden is a must see. With years of history, beautiful blooms and a sense of community in this diverse city, just don’t forget to reserve your tickets before you go!

OREGON ZOO 4001 SW Canyon Road – distance from hotel: 3.4 miles

Roam with our four-legged friends at the 64-acre Oregon Zoo! Easy to reach by public transportation and always a family favorite, check out one of the many educational exhibits at this massive zoo-topia.

PORTLAND AUDUBON 5151 NW Cornell Road – distance from hotel: 6.0 miles

For over 100 years, this 172- acre wildlife sanctuary has been home to local wildlife in Oregon. The ever so eco-friendly Portland Audubon is also a unique and beautiful hiking experience. Through years of wildlife rehabilitation, community involvement and education, the Portland Audubon has made our city of one of the greenest in the country!

OAK’S AMUSEMENT PARK 7805 SE Oaks Park Way – distance from hotel: 6.5 miles

Ready, get set, play! Deemed “where the fun never ends” since 1905, Oaks amusement park mixes modern rides with a twinge of historical charm, making it a Pacific Northwest favorite. Roll on over to the Skating rink and see what this outdoor amusement park is really all about.

PORTLAND SATURDAY MARKET 2 SW Naito Pkwy – distance from hotel: 1.7 miles

A Portland classic, the Saturday Market is a treasure trove for all things delicious, weird, and colorful. Showcasing over 150 booths from local artisans, this is a weekend trip both locals and visitors can enjoy. Just make sure to check those calendars, this market is only open from March to December!

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Everybody deserves a time to disconnect during vacation and Portland is the perfect spot for just that! Stretch your legs, pack a picnic, and enjoy lunch with a view at one of our many accessible and grand parks.
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