spirits of the northwest

Looking to quench your thirst? The Northrup Neighborhood has you covered! From artisanal gins to all American malt whiskey, take a sip and enjoy these unique and flavorful distilleries

bull run distillery 2259 NW Quimby St – distance from hotel: 0.3 of a mile bullrundistillery.com

Bull Run Distillery was created by a state native with one goal in mind, producing a pure Oregon malt whiskey. Made with only local, fresh water and aged at least 5 years, this American charred oak malt is surely to leave you wanting more! Try out one of their many malt whiskies, all influenced by Oregon's four seasons.

aria gin 2304 NW Savier St – distance from hotel: 0.5 of a mile ariagin.com

Complexity, depth and challenge, three aspects of Aria Gin that make it simply irresistible. Chock full of fresh and aromatic ingredients such as Juniper, citrus and various spices, this gin puts your taste buds under an earthy and well-balanced spell.

freeland spirits 2671 NW Vaughn St – distance from hotel: 0.9 of a mile freelandspirits.com

One of the few craft distilleries to be owned and run by women, Freeland Spirits is all about taking life head on and enjoying a drink while you do it! Immersed with mint, rosemary, cucumbers and thyme, this distillery is not afraid to shake things up. Show up for the community and stay for the gin and rose tonic.

westward whiskey 1430 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.3 of a mile westwardwhiskey.com

Offering the highest rated American single malt, Westward Whiskey is known to approach whiskey with an open mind. Brewed like pale ale, distilled like a malt and aged fine like bourbon, it’s no wonder this free- spirited distillery has been covered in Maxim, Esquire, The New York Times and more! Try out this nationally recognized spot and see what the hype is all about.

aviation american gin 2705 NW Wilson St – distance from hotel: 0.6 of a mile aviationgin.com

Ryan Reynolds. What more can we say? A-list celebrity, dad and distillery owner?! That’s right! Mr. Reynolds is a proud co-owner of this Portland favorite. Instilled with cardamom, coriander, lavender and anise, this botanical medley gin is hand-packed and ready to go

proof wine and spirits 1685 NW 21st Ave – distance from hotel:  0.3 of a mile proofportland.com

Feeling like a low-key night? Check out Proof Wine and Spirits for a vast selection for a great price! Ready to order at the click of the mouse, this wholesale joint is perfect for big parties on a budget. Give a glance over their recipe list too! Eggnog cocktails anyone?

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These distilleries are proud brewers and entrepreneurs and that shows in your hand crafted drink. Have a little fun and enjoy the fruitful labor of the Portland spirit scene, all conveniently located near the Northrup Station.
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