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Here at the Inn at Northrup Station, we want you to sit back, relax and sip your latte like you mean it! To help with that, here’s a list of our favorite places in our Northwest neighborhood to grab a cup of joe.

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure caffeination.”—Willy Wonka probably…

queue coffee 2112 NW Quimby St. – distance from hotel: 0.2 mile

Get in queue for this delicious neighborhood gem! Only a few blocks from your favorite retro Inn (that’d be us!), this cafe offers a chill vibe and top-notch, friendly baristas! With their spacious seating and minimalist decor, this is the go-to spot to take your new flame or business partner #girlboss.

coffee time 712 NW 21st Ave – distance from hotel: 0.3 mile

Hooked on our lobby coffee? No judgement, we are too. Thankfully for us, the roasters can be found just a skip away at Coffee Time Cafe! Coffee Time is notorious even in the caffeinated world of Portland, between the funky artwork on the walls and the open tables for work, you can’t go wrong with this Portland landmark. You know what they say, stronger the coffee, stronger the Wi-Fi!

STERLING COFFEE ROASTERS 518 NW 21st Ave – distance from hotel: 0.4 mile

The vibe is strong and so is the espresso at Sterling Coffee Roasters! Grab your cup of joe at this dreamy, New York chic cafe, made with only the freshest ingredients and hand roasted coffee. Live out your Gossip Girl dreams in this upscale roastery. There’s no shame in their roasting game.

Case Study Coffee 1400 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.3 mile

Walk the halls of this Victorian and artistic coffee shop, conveniently located a few blocks away from the Inn. With a love for specialty coffee, Case Study offers a variety of South American blends and spreads! Guatemalan Coffee blossom honey, anyone? Don’t forget to peep the merchandise on the way out.

THE DRAGONFLY COFFEE HOUSE 2387 NW Thurman St – distance from hotel: 0.6 mile

Put on your fluffiest cardigan and head over to this cozy cafe. Surrounded by some fabulous local boutiques, this cafe fits right in the neighborhood. Don’t forget to browse the local art while you enjoy some delicious, freshly baked pastries!

GOOD COFFEE 2175 NW Raleigh St #106 – distance from hotel: 0.4 mile

Let’s just say the name speaks for itself. Good Coffee has, you guessed it, good coffee! Smack dab in the slab(town), these roasting connoisseurs serve not only lattes but the community we all know and love. Putting their beans where their mouth is, Good Coffee has made it their mission to “make a better Portland for all”. Coffee with a cause, we can get behind that!

barista coffee 823 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.4 mile

Tucked in the middle of Portland’s bustling shopping street, Barista Coffee is the perfect spot to kick back with a cup of Joe and watch the world go by. Too late for that caffeinated nectar? No sweat, Barista Coffee has your back with a selection of brews and wine to end your day.

Hey Coffee lovers!
From historical landmarks to community leaders, you can’t go wrong with Portland’s coffee scene. In a city that has hundreds of coffee shops to choose from, our Northwest neighborhood is a great place to start your coffee tour de Portland.
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