nearby International dining

Colorful spices, new textures, and a world of adventure. Prepare your taste buds for this international trip to flavor town!

TOP BURMESE NW 21ST AVENUE 413 NW 21st Ave – distance from hotel: 0.4 mile

Ancient recipes with a modern flare, Top Burmese provides a futuristic twist to delicious Burmese food. Enjoy vegan friendly Myanmar classics such as Golden, crispy Samosa’s or a savory coconut noodle soup on their outdoor patio. Don’t forget to stop by and say hello to the robot working inside the restaurant!

MARRAKESH 1201 NW 21st Ave – distance from hotel: 243 feet

Indulge in the world of Moroccan culinary culture with this colorful eatery. In traditional fashion, prepare to eat your spicy lamb sans chairs or utensils. Don’t worry! Wrapped in a world of vibrant fabrics and belly dancers, you won’t even miss the chairs. Like they say, when in Morocco, do as the Moroccans do…

SWAGAT INDIAN CUISINE 2074 NW Lovejoy St – distance from hotel: 0.2 mile

For over 25 years, Swagat Indian Cuisine has been serving up traditional Indian food in the Northrup neighborhood. Grab a seat and have a slow dinner with friends over some savory curry and potato stuffed samosas. You can’t go wrong with this international cuisine!

BHUNA 704 NW 21st Ave – distance from hotel: 0.3 mile

If you’re looking for a more casual dining experience, Bhuna is a must try! Home to an array of Indian soul food dishes, this eatery offers creative plates such as chickpea battered calamari and turmeric infused rice. Yum!

LING GARDEN 931 NW 21st Ave – distance from hotel: 0.2 mile

Dive into the world of Northern Chinese cooking with this neighborhood staple. Ling Garden has been stationed just a few blocks from the Inn for over 20 years, sizzling up some of the best egg fu yung this side of Portland has seen. Don’t forget to try their out of this world curry shrimp and sticky pan fried noodles when you go!

LELA’S BISTRO 1524 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hote:l 0.4 mile

Lela’s Bistro, a family run Vietnamese cafe offers all the soothing soups and comforting eats you need. Open for both lunch and dinner, grab a Banh Mi sandwich or slurp up some Pho in this inviting home away from home.

RED ONION 1037 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.3 mile

Pad Thai anybody? The Red Onion is one of the many delicious Thai options in the area. With an innovative menu, fresh ingredients and touches of Thai culture, it's a sure fire way to wake up the ol' taste buds. You can't go wrong with this gut satisfying choice.

dine with them...sleep with us!
No matter where you are, Portland will always have your back when it comes to delicious meals. Fill up on your stock of saffron spices and crunchy pakora’s before heading out to see what this beautiful city has to offer! Looking for a fabulous place to stay within walking distance? Our boutique hotel is in the best Portland neighborhood with a diverse selection of fabulous restaurants.
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