enjoy oregon wines nearby

Put that phone on airplane mode and get ready to taste what the rolling hills of Oregon have to offer!

fullerton wine bar & tasting room 1966 NW Pettygrove St – distance from hotel: 0.2 mile fullertonwines.com

Good wine runs in the family! Fullerton Wines have been a Fullerton family passion it was founded in 2011. Stroll over to their Wine Bar and Tasting Room only a few blocks from the hotel, take a look at their farm-fresh menu for a meal you’ll never forget. Enjoy this Oregon countryside treasure in the big city of Portland.

battle creek cellars tasting room 820 NW 13th Ave – distance from hotel: 0.7 miles battlecreekcellars.com

Battle Creek Cellars is built on a foundation of rugged elegance and unconventional sensibility. We are delighted to have their tasting room nearby in the Pearl District! Go grab a glass of Willamette Valley goodness to punctuate your visit to our bustling neighboring district. A glass of Oregon Pinot and a book at Powell's? Yes please!

erath winery tasting room 1439 NW Marshall St – distance from hotel: 0.4 mile erath.com

Hop on the streetcar and make your way to Erath Winery Tasting Room for a taste of decadence. For over 40 years, Erath has been cultivating their wines in the lush Dundee Hills of Oregon, longer than any other winery in the area. With years of flavorful experience and love, Erath has some amazing wines to experience.

muse wine bar 2264 NW Raleigh St – distance from hotel: 0.4 mile musewinebar.com

Have a relaxing night out at the intimate Muse Wine Bar, a place to linger, converse and enjoy a well-crafted wine. Served along with a flavor-filled charcuterie board, Muse takes pride in sharing small artisanal producers and unusual varietals.

the old portland wine bar 1433 NW Quimby St – distance from hotel: 0.5 mile theoldportland.com

With a specialization in Bordeaux, this quirky Portland wine bar is an essential stop on the tour. The Old Portland Wine Bar is a no-frills bar with the atmosphere of a punk rock concert and the taste of southern France.

boedecker cellars tasting room 2621 NW 30th Ave – distance from hotel: 1.5 miles boedeckercellars.com

Award-winning and meticulously crafted, Boedecker Cellars Tasting Room is a fabulous way to begin the evening. Crafted in a refurbished warehouse, Boedecker has been a neighborhood favorite since 2003. Indulge in a glass paired with small bites to bring the unique taste of Oregon Pinot Noir to life.

amaterra winery 8150 sw swede hill dr – distance from hotel: 4.2 miles amaterrawines.com

Let’s toast! Just a short and scenic drive away, Amaterra wines offers a diverse range of savory wines and dishes. Nestled in the Portland hills, take in some fresh air and enjoy the view!

So, what are you waiting for? Give your taste buds the holiday they deserve. We’ll see you there!
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