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We’re all adults here, it’s time to take a stand for what we believe in…dessert for dinner! Besides, if a French meringue drizzled with chocolate and fresh fruit doesn’t put you in a good mood, then we don’t know what will. Satisfy your sweet tooth with some of Portland’s best dessert places!

staccato gelato 931 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.3 mile staccatogelato.com

Grab yourself a scoop of this fresh and creamy, artisanal treat at Staccato Gelato. Offering crispy, homemade donuts and 18 mouth-watering flavors of gelato on the daily, it's no wonder Staccato is our go-to for this Italian sweet. 100% locally produced, supplied and of course, delicious, this is one neighborhood spot not to skip!

PAPA HAYDN 701 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.5 mile papahaydn.com

Sewn into the very fabric of Portland, for forty years Papa Hayden has been serving up classic Viennese inspired desserts. Indulge in some freshly whipped Meringue or a fluffy hazelnut- coconut cake, slathered in traditional Viennese buttercream and huckleberries. This is a MUST stop on the dessert train! All Aboard!

SALT & STRAW 838 NW 23rd Ave – distance from hotel: 0.4 mile saltandstraw.com

The infamous Salt & Straw was created with only three values in mind, fresh ingredients, local vendors and of course, delicious ice cream. Just a step and saunter away from the hotel, Salt & Straw is a cult classic in Portland. In the spirit of keeping things funky and fresh, they also release new creative flavors monthly! Caramelized Turkey ice cream anybody? Don’t let the long line dissuade you! Salt & Straw is always worth the wait.

FIFTY LICKS 1627 NW 21st Ave – distance from hotel: 0.3 mile fifty-licks.com

If you’re not prepared to face the line at Salt & Straw, Fifty Licks has you covered! Even closer to the hotel, this ice cream shop thinks outside of the box and offers various flavors such a silky Thai Rice or the intriguing Toasted Milk. If you need an ice cream fix lickity split, Fifty Licks is your spot!

Eb & Bean 645 NW 21st Ave – distance from hotel: 0.3 mile ebandbean.com

For the dairy-free and vegan, Eb & Bean has your back! With a multitude of plant-based, organic and dairy-free options, this fro-yo spot makes sure to keep flavors current with the season. Garden mint, anyone? Yum!

VOODOO DOUGHNUTS 22 SW 3rd Ave – distance from hotel: 1.6 miles voodoodoughnut.com

Of course, the original doughnut shop that put Portland on the map the notorious VooDoo Doughnuts. Somewhere between entrepreneurship genius and show business lies this classic Doughnut joint, where your sweet treat comes with a sideshow. Activities outside the realm of pastries include weddings, concerts, a duct taped bathroom and of course, Swahili lessons. With it’s fame and popularity, it’s only natural to expect a long line at this Portland landmark.

pure sweet indulgence!
There you have it folks, come to Portland and enjoy fluffy cakes, kooky donuts and even sideshows! Don’t worry, we’ll be here when you need to sleep it off (with luxury beds too). We can’t wait to see you!
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